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In the digital jungle even experienced traveler may need a native guide.
We know where to find the best of them.

If you need to:

Find a digital agency

that wil suit your needs

Establish a digital company on CEE market

or launch a local branch or product

Launch digital business and find people to do it

any role – consulting, interim or permanent

Optimize your e-commerce activities in CEE

Both, sales&conversion rates and UX/UI

Don't hesitate to contact us - we know the best people for your project.

Time is the most valuable resource you have; everything else is just the effect of how you invest it.
Save it. Call us!

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Point of contact for digital and marketing business
I see my role more as an consultant for my Customers and an impresario for Experts and Companies I work with. Always focused on win-win solution, I have successful experience in matching various business needs with most suitable companies and experts.